It's Fall, Y'all!!!!

First, I need to say that I honestly never say y'all. BUT I make the exception when it comes to that cute little saying. Because I LOVE fall...and I am a sucker for rhyming.

I seriously LOVE fall!!!!! I wish I could live in a world where it is fall year round. I love the colors and the smells. The crisp fall air and the beautiful color of the leaves. I love going to pumpkin patches and running around in the corn mazes. I love pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and apple anything! I love scary movies and haunted houses. I love ripped jeans and hoodies. The scarfs and the BOOTS! Oh,,,the boots.

Ok, I could seriously go on and on about fall and all the things I love about it. But instead I will just share some of the pictures from my first fall mini sessions!