2020 is almost over!

2020 was such a crazy year and I’m sure not what anyone expected. Last year, at this time, I started to think about my goals and decided I wanted to lose the rest of my pregnancy weight in 2020. OK, so let me just start this by saying I have NEVER enjoyed working out. I was not into sports. I didn't like anything that made me feel sweaty. Also, I love junk food. Especially donuts. Then I turned 30 and had another baby at 32 and realized I wasn’t going to bounce back like I had in my 20s. **Sigh** 


The year started off rocky. I found excuses to not work out and to keep eating fast food. Then Covid hit and my husband wasn't able to go to the gym. So, he decided to use our empty room downstairs to create an at home gym. He made me feel motivated. I told him I wanted to get serious about being healthier. He has been trying to get me to workout with him for a while now. So, he was on board to help me figure out how to make these lifestyle changes I could stick with and enjoy.



I wanted to understand what exactly I was putting in my body and what changes I could make to feel better. There are so many apps to keep track of your workouts and nutrition to help you when you are getting started. We use My Fitness Pal. My husband helped me make adjustments to my daily goals. I never realized how much sodium, fat and sugar I was eating every day until I started using that app. I also, didn’t realize that I wasn’t getting anywhere close to enough vitamins, iron and protein. Also, when I mean fat....I am talking about the unhealthy fats, There are good fats that your body needs. Like the fats in avocado. Yum. The app really helped me understand what I was putting into my body.


I started to search the internet for healthy recipes that also weren’t super hard to do, because I am not about spending hours cooking. I found the site SkinnyTaste.com and I love her recipes! They are easy, healthy and taste delicious. I started making something new each night. Another great thing about using her recipes is they are already loaded into My Fitness Pal, so it made it easier to keep track of my nutrition.

Also, I realized I wasn’t drinking even close to the amount of water I should be. I ordered one of the large, gallon water bottles from Amazon. I fill it every morning and just pour the water into my glass as I go. It has made such a difference in my energy levels and skin. I stopped tracking my water intake for a few weeks and wasn't getting enough and could tell me major difference in how I felt.


So, I really dreaded this part. Not gonna lie. I started by just running up and down the stairs for 30 minutes a day when quarantine started. When I say running, I mean walking.....That lasted about a week. Then we ordered a row machine. I really enjoyed the low impact of the machine, but still didn’t feel super motivated. My husband recommended getting the Peloton bike. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but decided we should give it a try. I LOVE MY PELOTON!!!! I didn’t think I would ever love working out. But I look forward to my morning ride now and the classes help me push myself. I started with just the beginners classes and now do HIIT and Tabata rides. After spending between 20-30 minutes on the bike, I love doing a yoga class to cool down and get ready for the day.

But, you do not need to buy equipment to get in a workout at home. There are so many at home workout videos out there, with free access, you can watch to help motivate you. Yoga with Adriene is a great resource and she has free videos and challenges for anyone interested in yoga!

I cannot even begin to describe the difference I feel physically and mentally since I have started to make these changes. I love the changes I feel and see in the mirror. I cannot wait to see how I progress and want to continue to improve and make changes. I wanted to create a group to connect and encourage others. A place to share workout ideas, receipts, mental health information, all things wellness. .