I cannot believe it is already December!

Time for Christmas lights, candy canes and hot chocolate! We really love the holidays in this house. My husband is like a big kid and cannot wait to decorate for Christmas every year. Last year our son was still small and not as interested in the lights an presents. This year he is up and running and into everything. He is loving the lights! My daughter looks forward to making a gingerbread house every year. And me..... I love being home and enjoying the time with my family. So many families have traditions for the holidays and things they enjoy. Here are a few of our family favorites and traditions!

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Our traditions start on Thanksgiving when we sit around and watch the Macy's Day parade. It is a great start to the holiday season!

Starbucks Holiday Drinks

I always make my husband go to Starbucks with me the day the holiday cups and flavors are available. I am not sure why, but I have some weird obsession with them and have to get each cup at least once!

Holiday Pictures

Every year we get a family pictures for a Christmas card. I also make them take a picture in front of the tree with backlighting on Christmas Eve.

Elf on the Shelf

Yep, we have elves. Our daughter got her elf when she was 3 and named her Sally. This past Christmas she was joined by our son's elf, Hemingway. Like most of the elves you see filling your social media new feeds, our elves are always getting into things!

Decorating Gingerbread Houses

Every year we make gingerbread houses. Sometimes we make a big house, sometimes the small ones. Last year, we also made the train! Something always ends up falling off and they aren't the sturdiest houses, but we love spending time together and listening to Christmas music while we try our best.

Christmas Lights

There is something magical about Christmas lights. Whether it is just driving around town looking at the lights or walking through the local park that decorates; we love looking at the lights.

Christmas Eve

As a kid I always got to open one gift on Christmas Eve and we have kept that tradition going with the kids! After the kids are in bed my husband and I exchange our gifts. We get to have some time just the two of us and the next morning is all about the kids.

Christmas Morning

Every year on Christmas morning we sitting around the tree and open gifts while the original Grinch cartoon is playing in the background. If it ends before we are done, which it usually is, we start it over again!

Hallmark Movies

Ok, this isn't really a tradition...and I am really the only one that watches...but I LOVE watching the Hallmark channel at Christmas! I don't care how similar the story lines are or that I can guess how it will end before it begins. I just love the movies and snuggling up with a blanket and hot chocolate and watching!

What are some of your holiday traditions?