Enter a Heading

When I was in college one of my favorite things to do was hop in the car alone and just drive around with my camera.

I would end up random places and take pictures of anything that sparked my interest. I got some amazing images during those drives. The other day I went to the local farmer’s market decided to take the camera along. I ended up spending two hours walking around the farm taking pictures.

The apples and peaches are new on the trees, getting ready for fall. The blueberries are being picked, along with the cherries. The flowers are in bloom and the animals were relaxing in the shade. The farm is a favorite in the area for pictures. In the spring people flock to the farm for pictures in the peach and apple blossoms. In the summer families come out to pick their own berries and make memories. In the fall there are kids running around everywhere waiting their turn for a ride to the pumpkin patch.

This year the farm isn’t as busy with visitors. It’s quieter than normal when you walk around the orchards. But the local families still come to the market to get their fresh produce and baked goods. The farm has adapted to the new normal and you can order online. Everything in our world has changed drastically this year. It was calming and peaceful to walk around the orchard and see that, despite the changes in our daily lives, the flowers still bloom just as beautiful, the berries still ripen on the vines and the apples still hang in the trees. Even though life is changing, it is still happening and still there for us to experience.