What should I wear???

Something people always seem to ask when scheduling family pictures is what to wear.

You are about to spend your time and money on images you want to be able to look back on forever. Of course you want to look your best. Below are a few tips for preparing for your next family photo session.

Keep the patterns to a minimum

I love a pretty floral dress on little girls and cute plaid flannels for winter photos. The trick is to not go overboard. If mom and daughter are going to be in a floral pattern, but father and son in something solid. I recommend for adults to shy away from stripes as they are not always flattering in pictures.

Stay away from characters and text

I know your son loves Toy Story, but leave the Buzz Lightyear t-shirt at home. Don’t wear a shirt with text. This can date photos and a lot of times they are not legible anyway because of different poses.

Add some layers

In the fall, throw on a scarf. Summer time is a great time to add a sun hat. Layers and accessories can add depth to an image and make your outfit pop.

Pick colors that go with your decor

If you are planning on hanging these images in your home, you are going to want to make sure the colors will compliment your decor.

Find inspiration from others

Google family photos. Check out friends pictures on Facebook. Search images on Pinterest. There are options everywhere to help you decide on what you want to wear for your pictures. Pick an image you love and put your own spin on it with your wardrobe.

Be comfortable

I know those new stilettos are amazing, but maybe not for family photos. Especially if you are going to be taking pictures outside. Skirts and dresses are great, but not if you are not comfortable moving around in them. If you are not comfortable in your outfit and how you look, you won’t be happy with your pictures.

Coordinate outfits without matching

It is great to have a scheme for your pictures. However, I would stay away from matching too much. If everyone is in jeans and the same color shirt you aren’t going to have depth to your images. You don’t want everyone to blend together. If you want to have the girl's in matching dresses and the guys in matching outfits like an example below you can make it work, the difference in the men and women still gives you some variance and depth the images.